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- Custom Energy Solutions:

- Targeted Areas of Energy Savings.

- Reduce Maintenance. 

- Improve the Environment of your Building.

- Invest in the Future of Your Business.




Penguin Energy provides Electrical Solutions  that save Energy at your facility. Offering over 25 years of electrical experience including commercial building electrical design, project engineering, and facility automation, we offer our customers solutions that create value, solutions they need... not just what we have to sell.

The Lighting Technologies available today offer customized energy saving solutions and variety of asthectic improvement option. LED, T8, and T5 lighting systems offer vast energy saving and visual design improvements. New lighting systems  improve the image of your company and makes it easier for you and your employees to work. Your customers will notice the difference! We design our lighting systems to meet the needs of our customers. Get the light you need while also, reducing your cost to operate your facility lighting.

Energy and the ability to do work is what fuels our bodies and fuels our economies. Why spend more than you have to on the cost of doing business.

We offer Turnkey Solutions that save energy, save money, reduce maintenance, improve building performance and function.

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Why Penguin?

Why Penguin? It is the first question people ask when I meet them. Penguins are found at the Equator and at the South Pole. Penguins are adaptable and are very efficient at conserving energy. The intelligent design of Penguins allows them to live in community in the worlds harshest environment. Conserving energy and working together in community to strenghten our businesses, invest in community and save energy are all important goals in push toward energy efficiency.



Christopher Senger Owner

Decatur, Illinois


Serving Illinois Communities and Businesses.