Penguin Energy Services develops customized turnkey project proposals that save business owners energy. The project pays for itself in utility bill savings.

Lighting:The Low Hanging Fruit 

The Benefits of Re-Lighting your Facility:

How much do you spend maintaining outdated inefficient lighting?

Lighting technology has advanced rapidly to offer many options for re-lighting your facility. Upgrading to the latest technology equipment reduces your operating costs and eliminates the maintenance costs associated with older or obsolete equipment.

Have your workspace tasks changed?

Do you have the recommended lighting to do the task at hand?

Is your facililty lighting something that enhances the image of your company?

What about safety and security?


Our Mission

We want to be your facility electrical maintenance and project engineering team. We help you to prioritize your investment dollars by identifying critical building, machine, or process assets. Investigating and prioritzing investments reduces your risk to unplanned events, rising costs, and allocates costs for planning, scheduling, and budgeting.

As a commercial printer, we have to constantly look for new ways to improve efficiency and remain as competitive as possible without sacrificing our level of service. Upon reviewing the proposal from Penguin Energyy to completely renovate our interior lighting, we knew right away that the recommendations from Chris were right on target with our energy efficiency goals.... Chris and his crew completed the project in two phases in order not to disrupt our daily production. The project was finished on time and on budget. We could not be more pleased with the overall asthetics of our building now that we see it in a “new light”
— Rick Serena, President Frye Williamson Press

What We've Achieved

  • Experienced Electrical Project Managers.
  • Commercial Building Electrical Design.
  • Building Automation and Control Design and Installation.
  • Optimization of Energy Use by Utilizing Best Practices and System Optimization. 
  • Plan for Success, Invest in your future.